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Are you going through a divorce or attempting to deal with any type of family law matter? Having an attorney on your side can be highly beneficial not only to the outcome of your case but to you and your family’s future wellbeing.

I understand just how difficult it can be to deal with these issues. Even if you or your spouse are on agreeable terms and are trying to work things out, a divorce is still a legal process that needs to be addressed properly in order to ensure the terms of your agreement work for both parties and your children are protected. In fact, we offer a free initial case evaluation. By talking to you about your legal matter and taking the time to understand your concerns, we can determine in what way we can best assist you. We can also give you valuable information about your rights and your options, empowering you to make the right decision about your case and your legal counsel. In any case we take on, our primary goal is to provide the level of counsel that our clients need and deserve.

Divorce & Family Law

I assist individuals and families in a number of family law matters throughout Medina, Brunswick, Granger, Hinkley, Lodi, Sharon Center, Valley City and the surrounding areas. Some of our areas of practice include, but are not limited to: contested and uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, legal separation, annulment, paternity, domestic violence, restraining orders, adoption, fathers’ rights, step-parent adoption, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. We have the experience and skill to help our clients resolve the most difficult issues that must be sorted out in any divorce, including property division, child custody, child support, spousal support and visitation, as well as the modification of orders should a significant change in circumstances warrant modifying a current custody or support arrangement.

In addressing any of the above topics, I can use my legal knowledge and objective point of view to offer you pertinent advice and guidance that allows you to face a better future. Although times may be tough and you and your spouse may be currently involved in a serious dispute about the terms of your divorce, a skilled attorney can assist you in reaching a resolution that works best for both parties involved.